Saurabh Dhall


Frequently Asked Question

Sometimes, I do free photo shoots over the weekends, feel free to register for a shoot.

Also, read the following FAQs about the shoot.

Q0: You shot my picture when you were out doing some street photography, and you took my picture, how should I get it?
A0: Please click here, it’s very simple process.

Q1: Blog URL (Know all about what to wear, what to do, what not to do during the photo shoot and much more…)

Q2: Why the free photo shoots?
A2: I love photography; I need to build my portfolio, so I’ll be putting up your images on my website, to showcase my work. It’s not always free, you need to check with me, explain me your requirements, and we’ll take it from there.

Q3: How expensive are the paid photography assignments?
A3: Depends on your requirements, and my efforts, the pricing model basically contains two packages $600 and $1000, the first one is for a day and the latter is for 2 days, one is upto 5hours of work. I recommend signing up for a free shoot first.

Q4: How does the free photo shoot work?
A4: You sign up on my site, I’ll get your details, and I’ll get back to you with my availability. That’s it. It is as simple as it sounds.

Q5: Where?
A5: I usually shoot in gardens, parks, landscapes, beaches, anywhere. It depends on what theme are we shooting, nudes and glamour shoots are usually in my studio.

Q6: Preferred location?
A6: We should talk about it?

Q7: When?
A7: Once your free photo shoot request is approved I’ll write you with my available slots for the following weekend, we’ll also be able to talk on the phone and decide on the things like place, date and time.

Q8: Props?
A8: I don’t mind if you want to bring some of your own, like tiara, fancy hats, Scarf, Jewelry, etc..I’ve blogged about it, 
click here to read more.

Q9: Pets?
A9: Absolutely, I love dogs..! it shouldn’t bite

Q10: Fashion portfolio
A10: Absolutely, I’d expect you to be good with make-up.

Q11: what do I wear?
A11: my suggestion is to bring both kind of colours, light and dark colors, put those on, and get multiple pictures in different attires. I’ve blogged in detail about what to wear, please 
click here to read more about it..

Q12: DO I need to send you a picture of mine before the shoot? 
A12: Sure, it helps me to think and suggest you what kind of colors you should wear, or props you should bring etc. 
e-Mail me.

Q13: How many pictures should I expect from this shoot.
A13: between 3-6, or maybe more, last gal got around 40images, it all depends on the time and the quality of the images. I don’t give out the crappy images to anyone. SO please don’t ask if you can keep the shitty ones? I’m a reasonable man, and I’ll send you the images I feel are good enough. Also read about the “
Can I get to keep the shitty images” and “When to expect the images form the shoot

Q14: What kind of equipment do you have?
A14: I’ve a crop sensor and a full frame body, with some canon’s most popular & expensive lenses & a flash (which i use only when it’s relevant), and studio lights, backdrops etc.

Q15: I want you to do my wedding or someone’s birthday, or some other form of event.
A15: We can discuss this on phone / email. It’s difficult to cover this during the FAQs.

Q16: How do I get the images?
A16: Needs to be discussed on the phone, but in a nutshell, you’ll be required to send me an email with your consent that I can put up these images o my website to showcase my work, along with the mail, also send me a scanned copy of your photo id (ids in case of family portraits). The easiest way is to download the consent form and send it back to me via email.

Q17: How to know which form you need to fill and send me.
A17: If it was a family photo shoot then you can fill 
this form. If it was an individual or a solo photo shoot, then you can use this form. If it was a newborn or a Minor’s photo shoot, then you can use this form. If it was some other kind of a Photo shoot then I’ll send you a form and you can fill that up and send it back. P.S – Also read the instructions mentioned in the FAQ # 16, you’ll be required to send me the filled suitable form along with the scanned Age / ID Proofs, and then I’ll send you a link or email, using which you’ll be able to download the media.

Q18: How do you use my images to showcase your portfolio?
A18: I upload the images on my flickr account which is public, and the links are referenced on my website You’ll get to see your image under the Gallery option. Btw my flickr account URl is

Q19: What to bring on the photoshoot..?
A19: Your own water, some Props & Accessories, Clothes (so you can quickly change and get more pictures in different attires), your make-up kit, towel, scarf etc.

Q20: Photoshoot for Minor.
A20: The model / subject will be required to print 
this form, fill the details, scan & send it to me in an email. Note: This form will be filled by the Minor’s Parents, and along with this form (consent letter) the mandatory enclosures would be the age id proofs.

Q21: What do you do for living?
A21: I work full time in IT.

Q22: How to prepare for the photoshoot?
Read this article.